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About Us

Trust the experts at Arbor Acres to handle your

tree needs and more

Who We Are

Arbor Acres is family owned and operated. We are committed to providing quality service, with experienced hard working staff. 

What We Do

Arbor Acres is one of the few Tree Services' in the area that offers complex rigging & climbing as an alternative to big equipment being used in back yards. We do whatever we need to do to get the job done, wile maintaining a 100% safe work environment for both employees and clients. 

What you're getting with Arbor Acres

PER Promise

Preservation, Elimination, & Restoration.

What does this mean? PER just means that we promise to always preserve what we can, safely remove what we can't and provide options if asked for replacing a tree that needed to be removed. 

No Trace Standard

Our No Trace standard is trained into staff to clean up the area as best as possible and to make sure it looks like we were never there!

Golden Rule Practice

We proudly state that we are a Golden Rule Business. This means, we pledge to treat you with the same care and compassion that we'd like to be treated with as well. We will always keep you in the loop to the best of our abilities. and we will price fairly and produce quality. 

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